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10 reasons why LBG is the best choice for our designer products and services. 

1. High Ratings. 

We have exceptionally high ratings for superior home remodelling and client satisfaction, which we can authenticate with independent survey data, testimonials and references.

 2. Track Record.
For over 20 years we have consistently delivered quality design and construction to hundreds of families in the GTA.

3. Convenience. 

We offer you the convenience of design/build remodelling and custom home building as well as the choice of working with your architect on the project. We offer expertise in kitchen, bathroom, and finished basement remodelling. As well as home and room additions, conversions, exterior remodelling, whole home renovations and remodelling, and much more.

 4. Value. 
We work to achieve cost-effective, creative and functional remodeling design, with quality construction to help our clients get the most living space, features, and value for their money.

5. Guarantee.

We can offer you a firm price guarantee, as well as a special extended warranty.

6. Fair Pricing. 
Not only is our pricing fair, it represents the solid value we bring to every project. With the added bonus of guaranteeing your price before you sign the construction agreement.

7. Management Expertise. 
We have the proven ability to expertly manage home remodelling and custom home building projects ranging from simple up to large, complex, and technically challenging projects.

 8. Knowledge. 
We actively participate in consumer protection and remodelling industry trade organizations, providing us ongoing training, education, and ethical guidelines to follow.

 9. Credentials.

Our professional remodelling contractor team members have extensive experience and expertise. We are also a Build Certified Renovator, having received training and certification in the use of lead-safe practices for remodelling.

 10. Professionalism. 
Our company professionally runs a design and build business that is licensed to work in Ontario, Canada. We are properly insured with general business liability insurance, as well as workers compensation insurance. We take out all building permits in our company name. Our company assures all required building codes are met and inspections passed.