Kitchen Range Hoods


Luft manufacture started at 1991 in Munich, German. Luft as one of the pioneers in the industry of manufacturing kitchen hoods has been manufacture and supply variety of quality products to customers satisfaction for more than twenty-four years. The good quality of our products in the past has caused the reputation of this company and so far the product quality of this company is at fine standings and without competitor. Luft relies on its many years of experience and by utilizing its knowledge and expertise has constantly tried to enhance and develop. In this challenging endeavor, development, research, and quality enhancement has been of great importance, in a way that has generated the core of company’s future strategies. Luft Company since the beginning has continually been able to utilize the most modern and progressive technologies of today’s world to manufacture and supply various models, size, and colors. At present this company has been manufacturing and supplying its products in line with foreign competitors and so it has extended its wings to the international market.