Dual Flush Siphonic One-piece Toilet, easy to install. Classic design, simple and elegant. 4/6L Dual flush, water-saving and eco-friendly. Soft closing seat cover, peaceful and quiet.

  • Classic style
  • Flushing method: siphonic
  • Rough-in: 12"
  • 4/6LPF Efficient flushing fitting, water-saving and eco-friendly
  • Smooth and shining surface, easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Cover: PP soft descent seat cover, pass the opening and closing test for 100,000 times with no damage
  • MAP test: ≥800g
  • CUPC Certified Toilet

Dual Flush Siphonic One-piece Toilet

SKU: OPT8349979754
  • Rough-in 12 In.
    Diameter of Trap 3.5 In.
    Diameter of Tank Button 1.97 In.
    Height of the Pan 15.74 In.
    Diameter of Fixation Large Drill 19mm * 11mm
    Distance between Center of Seat Cover Hole to the Front of the Pan 18.11 In.
    Item Length 27.6 In.
    Item Width 14.6 In.
    Item Height 26.8 In.
    Item Weight 77.2 Lbs.
    Package Length 28.3 In.
    Package Width 15.4 In.
    Package Height 27.6 In.
    Package Weight 84.8 Lbs.
    Everything Inside Wax ring, bolts, seat cover