AMMA® Collection
  • AMMA® Collection



    The name AMMA® comes from two Chinese characters, AN and MO, which together mean “calm through touch.”

    The ergonomics of the bath interior (oblate or egg-shaped) offer superior comfort and an enhanced Hydro-thermo Massage® experience.

    Amma features the widest range of size and installation options.

    • tech specs

      Installation type Alcove

      No. of bathers 1

      US gallons 46

      Imp. gallons 39

      Raised seat 1

      Inverted V 1

      Integrated tile flange included

      Skirt & integrated tile flange inst. & incl.

      Thermomasseur air jet system

      Jets 43

      Heated backrest 1

      Heated headrest 1

      MiaPlus® Control included

      Geysair® included

      AromaCloud® option

      Illuzio Chromatherapy option

      Tub AromaCloud® option

      Illuzio Chromatherapy option

      WarmTouchShell® option

      DOT control included with therapy