Bathroom Shower Linear Drains


LBG Bath linear shower drain provides you the opportunity to design your bathroom exactly as you want it and offers unique design sets that are perfect for small and large-sized shower floors. 
Our linear shower drains are available in different lengths. In addition, all our linear shower drains are easy to clean and can be placed almost anywhere in the shower floor. 
The satin polished finish guarantees smooth surfaces, safe drainage, and high hygiene. They are handcrafted and highly resistant to temperature varations
Stainless Steel Grate and Channel
Adjustable Installation Brackets
Grate can be Removed Completely for Cleaning
Size: 27", 36" and 48"L x 2.75"W
2" Outlet in the Center of Drain
Flow rate 9 GPM per outlet*
*Flow rate measured at outlet only. Measurement does not account for water in channel or sheeting on shower floor.
Complete Set – Channel Body, Stainless Steel Grate, Filter Basket, Drain Puller, Waterproofing Membrane Sheet