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All Soaking Bath Tubs come with Anti-bacterial surface with high gloss white finish with a Premium quality acrylic construction for strength and durability.  In particular, Lucite® Perspex® acrylic has proven to be a long-term, super-durable material for baths. It is well-known for its deep and lasting colors, superb high-gloss surface finish and texture, exceptional strength and durability, biocidal action, and design flexibility.Its warmer to the touch and more comfortable than steel tubs

Our Tub's are made of two acrylic sheets not a spray on Acrylic like big box stores. The air between the sheets acts as a thermal insulator to help retain warmth. Our Tub's has built-in adjusters for use on uneven floors, lightweight and is easier for your plumber to install. All of the fittings that you will need to install it come in the box so that you can get the soaking in it as soon as possible without the hassle of having to find the right fixing kit for it.

Acrylic can be maintained with little more than regular cleanings using a mild, non-abrasive cleaner. Water lines can easily be wiped off with a soft cloth. After years of wear, the finish on an acrylic bath can still be buffed to a high sheen—something that cannot be done on dulled enamel cast iron or fiberglass.  It is also more forgiving should you slip and fall. And, if you select the right manufacturer, there will be absolutely no flexing in the floor or sides of the bath. It stands up to high temperatures and ultraviolet light, resists thermal cracking, and is highly resistant to chemicals and mildew.

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